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Saturdays 11am - 5pm
Sundays 11am - 5pm
Aug 3 - Oct 27, 2019

Getting Here

House 15, Nolan Park, Governors Island
Just 15 mins by ferry from Lower Manhattan or Brooklyn Bridge Park. View Detailed Ferry Schedules



Intelligent Fungi is a three month exhibition and workshop series to celebrate the fungal wisdoms and learn from fungi, our greatest teachers to build, nourish, and heal.
The programming is free and open to all.



We invite you to take a self guided tour through the mushroom life cycle, watch mycelium running, or take a break at our Mycolibrary while appreciate some fungal arts and furniture.

WORKSHOPS & events

Get together with our guest mycologists, artists, citizen scientists, and interdisciplinary educators, get hands-on with water restoration, experiment with mushroom paper making, survey the mushroom species on Governors Island, and more.


Fascinated by fungal intelligence, we study the potentials of teaming with fungi to address the toughest environmental challenges and explore mycoremediation at community and personal levels.
Have a burning research question? Let’s brainstorm.



Get Involved


Propose a Public Program

Intelligent Fungi is a platform for fellow soil builders, educators, artists, designers, citizen scientists, mycologists to collaborate, experiment, and tell the stories about human fungi symbioses. We look forward to learning about your work!

Volunteer with Us!

We are an all volunteer team and need all types of help. Volunteering with us is a great way to learn from the fungal wisdoms while excising your talents and having fun. Join us. For the mycelium!


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